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Penta 55

The first glance reveals a beautiful classic watch. There is more to the BARIGO Penta. High - precision stepping motors are at work in the heart of this watch. They are responsible for indicating the altitude, weather forecast, temperature and direction, as well as the time of day (with alarm function). Being outdoors, each information the Penta provides reflects its significance. Thus an impending change in weather is visualized every bit as strikingly as the time of day or direction.

Article Multifunctional 5in1 analogue Watch
Articlel-No. Penta 55
Compass Display of cardinal directions
Bearing in degrees (resolution 0°…360°)
Compensation of magnetic declination
Altimeter 0m…+9.000m
Resolution 10m
Display of height in Km over 1.000m
Barometer Weather forecast with 3 symbols
sunny, cloudy, rainy
Thermometer Display of temperature in °C
Time Display of time in AM/PM (12/24h) hh:mm:ss
Diameter Case 45 mm
Diameter Dial 40 mm
Height of case 16 mm
Gift box  
net Weight 125 g
gross Weight 376 g
Power Supply Battery: CR2032 3V x 1
Design by Hans Gabriel Schroll
General properties: Stainless steel case
Genuine leather strap
5 ATM water resistant
Penta 55
Penta 55 SOW/Penta 55 SBR
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